GoogleTalk Dual Login Confusion Solved

So this has been bugging me lately, but I think that nothing has changed but my own personal usage pattern.  I use Google Talk (GTalk) on my phone and on my laptop, often switching between the two.  During the summer it seemed to work great, sending messages to both and making it easy to pick up where I left off in either direction.  Lately it seems I miss messages, or one client or the other drops offline and never sends messages I’ve entered (especially annoying on the Droid since it offers no way to re-send them!).  I’ll have to be more careful when switching clients:

The jabber protocol (Gtalk) allows you to keep several clients open at the same time. When someone contacts you, jabber broadcasts the message to all eligible clients simultaneously. Whichever client responds will be the sole recipient of all future messages. Once the chat is idle, the clients are reset and the process starts over again, with the next incoming message broadcasted to all eligible clients.