Fast, recommended VNC clients for OS X

Some find the built-in VNC view in Mac OS X to be a bit slow or under-featured.  Here are some other recommended clients, from “best/fastest” to worst.  (A rough generalization based on IRC converstations.)

  1. ARD – Apple Remote Desktop.  If you have this, try it first.  It’s similar to Windows’ Remote Desktop Protocol where it sends Quartz objects instead of window rasters/graphics.  But it’s not free and probably not worth it unless you are an admin or rely on remote controlling a Mac daily.
  2. JollysFastVNC
  3. VNCthing (old, hard to find, Branes recommends as faster than JollysFast)
  4. TigerVNC ?
  5. Chicken of the VNC (works but nothing special) – now just called Chicken

findinfiles3 bash script

echo "$0: Finds where a string is in current dir & subdir files matching *wildcards*.ext . "
echo "Usage: findinfiles3 \"string\" \"*files\" <grep options 1,2,3. ex: -i>"
echo "----------------------------------------------------------------"
if [ "$1" = "" ]
  echo "You must supply a string to find."
  exit 1
  echo "Finding '$1' in '$2'..."
  echo "-------------------"
  find . -type f -iname "$2" -exec grep $3 $4 $5 --color -l -s "$1" {} \; -exec grep $3 $4 $5 --color -n -s "$1" {} \; -exec echo " " \;


Example run: ~/bin/findinfiles3  “some phrase”   “*”   -i